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Hello everybody, I am


the author of the best selling books At the End of the Way Only Love Will Stay & Had I known This Before.
I am
 a motivational speaker, a radio and TV presenter, youtuber and a singer but to myself I am, most of all, a woman a mother, a queen.
Welcome to my online home.

Here you can feel as if you were at my home – always welcome. We shall hang out and learn how to feel even better living our lives, we’ll help each other but also we’ll have fun and often enjoy treats. 

My life story sounds perfect if
you give it just a superficial look

For those who don’t know me, I have been involved in various activities in my somewhat over fourty years of age; I graduated from the Music Academy in Zagreb, in the 90’s I was a singer and a TV star; my hit songs Mala ptica nebeska (Little Bird in the Sky) and Pitali momci (Fellows Have Asked Me) were widely listened to and sang, and the children’s TV show Hugo – which I had been hosting on HTV for eight years – was one of the most viewed broadcasts.

For years, I worked on the weekends at Narodni (Bravo) – most listened radio station in Croatia, but what does all that have to do with whatever you came here for? 

My life story sounds perfect only if you give it just a superficial look: – to be a star… All your life you strive to become someone, at a certain point you do become someone and you end up wondering: „So who am I now exactly? Why is that „someone“ – not really me?“  This is how I felt in my ideal life with a wonderful husband and two healthy talented and good sons. I was missing nothing in my life – but myself… You don’t even notice the moment in which you lose yourself. My thoughts were full of scenarios of the worst kind, until I actually summoned one such quite a dark scenario to my life … 

At the End of the Way Only Love Will Stay

When people closest to me read what I wrote they persuaded me to take it out of the computer and the book At the End of the Way Only Love Will Stay was published instantaneously by the Ljevak publishing house, it has been a bestseller from day one, I toured almost 90 libraries presenting it throughout Croatia, I started to shoot videos every Wednesday on You Tube…
Every day I am honored by everything I have lived through, glad that so much happiness derived from my sorrow, that every tear acquired a deeper sense and for knowing that each of my wounds hurt so that I may love myself more some day …

I am looking forward to a chance to learn together with you about feeling better about our lives …
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here and I know that together we can do anything because if I could do it then anybody at all can do it!


With Love,

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